1. Tapestries of Sound

  2. Dark Light

  3. Dreaming in Arctic Blue
    Tony Gerber, Giles Reaves & Sally Sparks

  4. The Tree
    Tony Gerber and Giles Reaves

  5. In One Step to Reach Heaven
    Tony Gerber & Zero Ohms

  6. Hurdy Gerby (Original Ambient Hurdy Gurdy Music)

  7. After the Storm

  8. MARE (Official Oculus VR Soundtrack)
    Tony Gerber, Giles Reaves and SPACECRAFT

  9. Tone for Tone

  10. Night Cathedral
    Dreamhub and Tony Gerber

  11. spaceflight
    Auroric Dreams

  12. MusicTellers (dbl Album)
    Shannon Hayden, Tony Gerber, Kyle Jones and Phil Keaggy

  13. Gong with the Wind (LIVE Winter Solstice 2019 RadioSpiral.net Broadcast)

  14. moogbeams

  15. Red Lunar
    Tony Gerber & Phil Keaggy

  16. Pristine Chapel
    Tony Gerber & Phil Keaggy (guest Brenner Jennings)

  17. Elder Crossing
    Tony Gerber and Giles Reaves

  18. Auroric Dreams_Outpost
    Auroric Dreams

  19. As The Orbit Grows
    Auroric Dreams

  20. Tales of Virgo
    Auroric Dreams

  21. Hummel Two

  22. Abandon All Fear
    Fog Pilots

  23. Panama Lil
    Fog Pilots

  24. Mountain Skies Volume Eight
    Mountain Skies Electro-music Collective 2019

  25. Anasazi Rising
    Brother Tribe

  26. Secret Garden

  27. Flutes for Sleeping

  28. Pavilion (Official Game Soundtrack)

  29. Sanctuary of Peace
    Vessels of Light

  30. Totem

  31. Soulshining
    Cotton Blossom Band

  32. Bring Me The Moon

  33. Synergy of Light

  34. City Skies | 2011
    Tony Gerber & Paul Vnuk, Jr.

  35. Colour My Dream

  36. Ethereality

  37. Asleep Amongst the Trees
    Cypress Rosewood

  38. Isle of Wyrms
    Cypress Rosewood

  39. Ancestral Spirit

  40. Flute Songs for Water

  41. Amerika Recycled

  42. A Hidden Space
    Tony Gerber, Aashid Himons & Giles Reaves

  43. Inside the Inside

  44. Bonfire

  45. Story

  46. Musical Meditation for World Peace

  47. Best Of Retrospective 1986-2000

  48. 20th Century Mix (Best Of)

  49. Sloth
    Blazen, Sharp & Gerber

  50. Altamira

  51. Guitarscapes

  52. Airwaves
    Tony Gerber & John Rose

  53. Blue Western Sky

  54. Native Spirit

  55. Clearly Opaque

  56. Cosmic Flight


Tony Gerber Nashville, Tennessee

Live space music pioneer, Tony Gerber has been performing live music in front of audiences and live radio for 50 years. For his space music projects, live and recorded, he mixes a love of electronic music with stringed instruments, acoustic marvels, voice and native flutes. There is of course his blues projects as well... you will hear the blues influence in his music... Live and let live. ... more

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